Barking Spider Pottery

Rebecca Plummer & Jon Ellenbogen


Jon and Rebecca met as students in a pottery class at Penland School of Crafts in 1974. Jon had been trained as an engineer, had done missile design, and spent four years on the engineering faculty at a university before coming to Penland. Rebecca had earned a degree in philosophy and worked as a potter prior to her Penland experience. After Penland they created Barking Spider Pottery and settled into the mountains of NC, where they have worked together and raised their twin boys.

Artist Statement

Jon and Rebecca’s utilitarian pottery reflects what is important to them: a mindful life centered around family, friends, and community. Their pottery is intended for daily use in the home and primarily focuses on items for the table, the place where everyone gathers to share meals and memories are created. Jon’s passion for cooking and Rebecca’s love of gardening are primary factors informing how they approach making pots. Dinnerware, serving bowls and many other pieces are made with careful consideration: “How will the food look in a particular pot or with a certain glaze?” or “How does a spoon feel scraping the last bit from a soup bowl?” To have people pause, look, and then decide to invite Barking Spider Pottery into their homes, their busy lives, and their everyday routines, is one of the great pleasures Jon and Rebecca continue to receive after forty years of making pottery together.