Carmen Grier


Carmen Grier is a studio artist and teacher. Her home/studio are in rural Mitchell County, NC where she resides with her husband - potter, teacher and writer Terry Gess. Carmen has taught and exhibited nationally and her award-winning work has been featured in Fiberarts Magazine and Surface Design Journal. Her education includes a B.A and M.A from the University of Iowa and an M.F.A. from Cranbrook Academy of Arts, Bloomfield, MI. Carmen is a former Artist-in-Residence at Penland School.

Working with fabric suits my sensibilities. I love the discovery and challenge of problem solving, the ways in which wonderful surprises and unexpected results send me into new areas of investigation. I work with fabric for so many reasons: its tactility; its rich color; its malleability and its ability to carry meaning via line and image.

For all of my artistic life, I have created both functional objects and art pieces for the wall. The marriage of color on cloth is the thread that connects all my work. Whether for the wall or the body, whether the material linen, silk or wool, my intention to create a well designed and meaningful object is always foremost.

I draw on unlimited sources for inspiration including random patterning in nature, historic textiles, painting, and the markings on pavement. My work reflects who I am, what I have lived and experienced and how I see the world.