Kent McLaughlin and Suze Lindsay

Fork Mountain Pottery


Suze Lindsay and Kent McLaughlin have lived and worked at Fork Mountain Pottery since 1996.  Their gallery and studio, nestled in the mountain ridges on the way to Roan Mountain, is 6 miles from downtown Bakersville NC.

Visiting their studio, you will find two distinctive styles of pottery.

Kent works in stoneware and porcelain clays using traditional glazes including celadons, shinos, iron reds and warm yellows that reference the fertile grounds of his mountain studio. His work is decorated using a “wax resist” technique of layering glazes with distinctive brushwork. Suze’s stoneware pots subtly suggest figure and character as she manipulates her forms by altering throw parts, adding hand-built elements, then combining parts to create functional forms with personality.  Suze decorates her pieces by patterning and painting slips and glazes, and then fires them in her salt kiln.

They share a passion for working with their hands, and for making pots for everyday use that are well crafted and a pleasure to use.