Kent McLaughlin and Suze Lindsay

Fork Mountain Pottery


At Fork Mountain Pottery, there is a wide variety of handmade pottery representing a broad array of forms and surfaces. Kent works in stoneware and porcelain clays using traditional glazes including celadons, shinos, iron reds and warm yellows, referencing the fertile grounds of his mountain studio. 

Kent says  “My focus is grounded in utility—I make a large assortment of objects including mugs, bowls, plates – all intended to add a little comfort and interest to the daily lives of people who have my work.”

Suze’s stoneware pots subtly suggest figure and character as she manipulates her forms by altering thrown parts, and adding hand-built elements.  Suze says, “An integral part of my work is using surface decoration to enhance my forms by patterning and painting on slips then salt-firing. I make things to entice the user to take pleasure in everyday activities, inviting participation, promoting hospitality, reinforcing personal rituals.”