Lisa Joerling


Lisa received a BFA from Jacksonville University in 1982. She promptly accepted a job tending bar in Atlanta. After many years of bending over backwards to please customers her back went out. A few years of physical therapy and rehabilitation followed. Then it was time to reinvent herself. Lisa returned to a life-long love of working with her hands. For the past 12 years Lisa has been a studio artist working in figurative clay and jewelry in Folly Beach, South Carolina. She recently moved to Penland, North Carolina and is enjoying the change of view, savoring a new daily source of inspiration in the local flora, fauna and flavor of the mountain lifestyle.

Artist Statement

Multitalented, Lisa creates not only pottery, but also jewelry and ornaments, usually completing a series in one medium before beginning another series in a different medium.  Of the animals that frequently make appearances in her pieces, Lisa says, “From childhood on, I’ve been enchanted by the animal world.” She readily admits that she liked to anthropomorphize her animal figures, adding, “I love to pair animals with one another, wonder at the interactions, including interactions with humans.”