Pam Brewer


With a degree as an interior designer, I spent many years sitting at a drafting table working primarily with straight lines.  And since then my life has been anything but.  My path led from interior design to general contractor, to owner of a design/build construction company, and then to the mountains of NC in pursuit of my own artistic voice.  Beginning with mosaics, I soon found clay and incorporated clay parts into my questionably 2-dimensional work.  Following a workshop at Penland School of Crafts, I began using clay in a sculptural context.  With two completely different bodies of work, Mosaic and Sculpture, I am a full time studio artist with work in private collections across the country and teach whenever possible.

Artist Statement:

To say that my work is inspired by nature is only part of the story.  When I am working with the clay, whether mosaic or sculpture, the process feels more similar to working alongside and with nature in a co-creative process.  
With two completely different bodies of work, sculpture and mosaic, the unique processes of each art form continually challenge me.  The mosaics speak to the multiple layers of our chaotic lives and attempting to bring order to that chaos.  The sculpture speaks to a much more subtle experience of paring down and silencing the noise in order to find the more authentic nature of who we are, and perhaps, why we are.   My intention as an artist is to explore and connect, to ask questions and share possibilities.  I believe that all things are connected and I attempt to live and create consciously in that knowing.