Selena Glass


Our goal is to make art which conveys the happiness we feel about the world and its processes.  We have so much fun together, and hope our work reflects the lightness, playfulness, and exuberance of life through the interplay of line, color, and light.  Our wish is to fabricate pieces that will tickle the eye now and for years to come.

In our airy studio high in the mountains of North Carolina, through every phase in making a piece, we work collaboratively from design to finished piece.  We are the living example of how one plus one equals three.  The combination of our ideas and strengths takes us to a place neither of us would have gone without the other.

Incorporating a wide range of processes, including sand-carving glass, flame working glass, forging, plasma cutting, welding, painting, hollow form construction, patination, enameling, and gilding, our work explores the nuances of our world through the use of texture and close-ups which emphasize the symbiotic essence of the natural world. We explore abstract and natural scenery as motifs to describe the idea of “Be Here Now.”


Deana has been a professional glass artist since 1978 after many years of working in stained glass for her own pleasure.  Chuck started making art in his youth and got a B.A. in graphic design in 1979.  In 1982 we met in Boulder CO and became friends over lively discussions about art and design.  In 1984 we married and joined forces to make art babies. Moving to Burnsville in 1994, we became a part of the close-knit craft community that spreads out over western North Carolina. For over 30 years, our passion about art and each other has spurred us on to make better and better work.